MDF Powder Coating

Powder Coating’s superior finishes create a signature look that’s more economical than other solid surface options and are more attractive and durable.

MDF has a natural water content of typically 5–7 percent. The new system developed uses this as a means to make the board conductive. By quickly raising the surface temperature of the MDF to 200 deg.F for a total dwell time of up to 2 minutes in a catalytic IR Preheat Oven, the board becomes conductive and remains so for up to 5 minutes after leaving this oven. Board temperature at application is 120 deg.F to 150 deg.F which is well below the temperature at which the powder would fuse or melt to the MDF. Once the board is conductive, the powder is easily attracted to the MDF, ensuring a high degree of transfer efficiency. The attraction causes powder to wrap around the board perimeter in a similar fashion to metal.

Powder Cure: Once the powder is evenly deposited on the board surface and around the edges, the board enters into a catalytic oven for the 5 minute curing process. The gas catalytic heaters within the oven are arranged in such a pattern as to drive the temperature of the powder on the edges through to cure as quickly as possible. This action has a number of benefits, the primary one being to seal off the edge to any out gassing that tends to happen along the edges of the board. By concentrating the IR towards these edges, the face of the board easily absorbs the required IR to flow and cure these flat areas….Provided by Vulcan Catalytic