Sand Blasting

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Sand Blasting for Powder Coating

Sandblasting is commonly used in conjunction with powder coating as a surface preparation method. Its primary purpose when used in combination with powder coating is to prepare the substrate (the surface being coated) to ensure proper adhesion of the powder coating material. Here’s how sandblasting is used in the powder coating process:

1. Surface Preparation: Before applying powder coating, it is essential to have a clean and properly prepared surface. Sandblasting is employed to remove contaminants, old paint, rust, scale, dirt, and any other impurities from the surface of the metal or substrate. This step ensures that the powder coating adheres securely to the substrate.

2. Creating a Profile: Sandblasting also creates a surface profile or texture on the substrate. This profile helps the powder coating material adhere better to the surface. The degree of roughness or profile created can be adjusted depending on the specific requirements of the coating and the substrate material.

3. Improving Adhesion: By removing surface contaminants and creating a profile, sandblasting promotes better adhesion of the powder coating. This helps prevent issues like peeling, chipping, or flaking of the coating over time.

4. Enhancing Durability: Sandblasting can also remove any corrosion or rust from metal surfaces, extending the lifespan of the coated product and improving its overall durability.

5. Uniform Coating: A properly prepared surface ensures that the powder coating is applied evenly and uniformly, resulting in a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing finish.

6. Efficient Coating Process: Powder coating is an electrostatic process, and a clean, prepared surface allows for better electrostatic attraction of the powder particles to the substrate, leading to reduced waste and more efficient coating.

Sandblasting is a crucial step in the powder coating process as it prepares the substrate by removing contaminants, creating a suitable surface profile, and ensuring strong adhesion of the powder coating material. This preparation step is essential for achieving a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting powder-coated finish on various metal and other substrates.

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