Wheel Coatings

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A lot of times you need that extra ! Powder coating your wheels is just the extra you need.

If you really want to have your vehicle wheels stop the corrosion process you must try powder coating to accomplish that. The strength and durability is far better than stock.

Wheel Coating – What are you waiting for ?…………..

Powder coating is a technique in which dried powder is applied over a surface which is then heat treated. The result is such that, you get a uniform layer of powder on the surface which resists scratches, cracks, peels and rust. Wheel coating is the best for your vehicle.

Powder coating aluminum wheels has several advantages over painting them. As powder coating offers better protection against rust, scratch and cracks and peels, you need not bother about your vehicle’s appearance for a very long time. Besides, powder coating is an entirely eco-friendly way of restoring the beauty of your vehicle.

Something that is ideal for wheels.
The overall appearance is somewhat similar to a 2-layer wet paint finish.

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